W3C Disability Access Print


Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Portal offers some features to assist the visitors who might need some adjustments to the original content so that they could access the information they needed in their best form. This is to conforms with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) mission, that is to make the Web accessible to people with disabilities.

The current features we have are :

1. Text resizer - Resize the font size if you need it bigger or smaller to ease your reading. You could find it at the upper right conner of our portal.

2. Color selection - Change the theme color of the portal to make it more visible for those who had colour blind vision. You could find it at the upper right conner of our portal (near text resizer).


3. Text reader - Read the text on the portal, especially the speeches, the news, and some of the other contents. The reader reads the text automatically and the computer generated speech will be produced so that those who had problems reading our content could still get it when they listen to it. You can use third party text reader - Use third party text reader such as Text-Speech, Speakonia, ReadPlease and others.




Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Ministry of Plantation Industries & Commodities, Malaysia