Foreword from the Director General Malaysian Palm Oil Board Print


dgThe oil palm industry is a pillar of the Malaysian economy and plays a pivotal role in feeding and fuelling a growing global population. As the most versatile and productive oil crop, the oil palm has responded well to investments in research and technical promotion. Growth in the upstream sector has a cascading impact along the entire value chain, and MPOB as the custodian of the Malaysian oil palm industry continually places importance on R&D and services along the whole value spectrum. At the forefront of MPOB activities are issues of sustainable development and productivity. MPOB embraces multi-disciplinary strategies to maximize synergies between economic development and environmental stewardship, and ensure that future growth is carried out within a sustainable framework. It is engaged in cutting-edge science and innovative technologies, and has played a major role in promoting excellence in line with its mission “To enhance the well-being of the Malaysian oil palm industry through research, development and excellent services.”

I hope this website will serve as a gateway between MPOB and its stakeholders and provide a valuable resource on MPOB activities related to Malaysia’s golden crop.






Datuk Dr. Ahmad Kushairi Din
Director General
Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)